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Track Days & Nights:

What to Expect

Track Days and Track Nights are our non-competitive track events where both recreational and competitive riders can ride on the track. 


We have split the Supermoto and Minimoto classes based on speed so we have the Open category for fast pace, and Clubman for new and novice riders.   

We also have a Cadets class for riders 15 and under. A great part for parents is that you can see the whole track from the pits, so they can ride off, unlike riding dirt or road racing. 


We also offer family discounts! Who says the kids should have all the fun! 

What are Track Days?

What happens on a Track Day / Track Night at Wanneroo?

Wanneroo is our home track where we put on the majority of our non-competitive track events.



  • Riders (and friends and family) generally turn up around 5pm. 

  • The GoKarts are using the track till then. 

  • The Clerk of Course running the supermoto track night turns up around here and opens up the club shed and gets paperwork ready. 

  • Sign on to the MWA (Motorcycling Western Australia) paperwork, just your name, MA license number, expiry and signature

  • Show your ticket or proof of payment to the person at the Sign On desk.

  • Riders who get there around this time have time to set up their bike and pit, then help sweep the track if needed so it is free of sand, water the dirt (to surpress dust), or move the tyre barriers if we change up the track layout.

5:30pm - 9 / 9:30pm 

  • Riders on track.

  • We run 10min sessions for each class.

  • The number of classes depends on who is there. So we might run Supermoto Open and Clubman combined, but have a lot of Minimotos, so they get split into Open and Clubman, and then a cadets class. 

  • Through the night, more Supermoto's might arrive so the CoC might decide to split the class.

  • Sessions rotate continuously until 9-9:30pm when people have usually packed up. 

Forgotten gear, fuel or just want some pointers, ALL of our members are willing to help. 
We are proud to have built a community of riders who help others, on a track night or a race day, you'll see our members helping a fellow competitor no matter how fierce their battles on track.

Need help on the night?

  1. Make a Ridernet Profile

  2. Click on your profile

  3. Click Club Memberships

  4. Search Supermoto Club of WA
    Full membership allows racing and all track events
    Practice Only memberships allow entry non-competitive events like Track Nights and Track Days.
    Family discounts available!

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