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A one or two-piece leather suit constructed of leather or other material of similar or greater durability, which meets FIM requirements.

  1. Where jackets or one-piece suits are fitted with front opening slide fasteners, a safety strap must be fitted and secured at the neck,

  2. In the case of a jacket and trousers, provision must be made to attach the rear of the jacket securely to the trousers,

  3. The following areas must be padded with at least a double layer of leather or enclosed plastic foam at least 8mm thick:

    1. Shoulders,

    2. Elbows,

    3. Both sides of torso and hip joint, and knees.

Leather Suit

Motorcross helmet + goggles or road racing / adventure helmets permitted. Must be Aus standard approved (click here if you are unsure)


​Body jewellery is to be removed or securely covered with tape prior to competition. Hair longer than shoulder length must be confined in the helmet or jacket.

Jewellery & Hair

Commercially Manufactured Back Protector. Continuously covers the back area between the collar line and the base of the spine.

Back Protector

Leather road bike gloves that cover the wrists, and the end of the jacket arm.

Please Note: Motocross / Summer Touring Gloves are NOT allowed.
We would prefer that all gloves have protection in knuckles and palms.


Boots with ankle and calf protection which must:

  1. Be constructed of leather or other material of similar or greater durability. but not constructed of rubber,

  2. At least overlap the suit or trousers when the rider is in the normal riding position,

  3. Not have soft leather soles.



SupermotoWA organises ambulances to attend race events but NOT non-competitive events like Track Days and Track Nights  

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