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Track Nights and Non-Competitive Events

Track Night's  and Track Days are our non-competitive events for both racers and recreational riders.

To run one of these events, we require: 

  • Clerk(s) of Course

  • First Aider(s)

  • Sign on helper (License Checker)

These are PAID positions! The club can offer discounted or free Track Nights or you can get paid straight into your bank.     

Want to ride as well? Share the role with another rider who can cover you while you're on track and you'll both get discounts or free entry to that event (dependent on the role filled) 

Race Days

Competitive events require more officials to run the event to comply with insurance requirements and make sure we do everything we can to run a safe and efficient event. 

To run one of these events, we require: 

  • Clerk of Course

  • Flag Marshals: 1 on Start Line, 2 in the dirt section

  • Race Secretary

  • Timing Officer

  • Steward

  • Scrutineer 


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Clerk of Course (CoC)


The Clerk of Course is the official who runs our Track Nights, responsible for overseeing track activities, calling start and end of sessions over the PA and operating the yellow and red track lights. 

The Clerk of the Course is an important figure in any race meeting. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth running of the event and to ensure the safety of the competitors. They work closely with the Steward, who has ultimate authority over the meeting, to make sure that everything runs according to the rules and regulations. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the safety or legality of the races, the Clerk of the Course is the person to direct them to. They will be able to provide guidance and refer any unresolved issues to the Steward for further action.

Steps to become a CoC

1. Complete Level 1 Operational Official course (100% online) here.

2. Once complete, attend a 1 day, FREE in-person CoC training course put on by MWA. You can book in here

3. Once complete, come to a SupermotoWA event and we'll have you working alongside an experienced CoC until you feel comfortable and you can be signed off as competent. Then you can run them yourself, get paid for your efforts and be a massive asset to the club! Congratulations you have achieved Level 2 CoC and can help run Track Nights and Club Championship events!

For more information, please see point 5 under MA's Official Accreditation Information document here 


Flag marshals (aka “flaggies”) are tasked with signalling race conditions and providing initial safety assistance to riders. Additionally, they are responsible for issuing instructions and ensuring that all competitors follow the rules and regulations.

Flaggies are given green, yellow, red and blue flags (plus a chequered flag if you're on start line) and a radio headset. Sitting in the shade trackside either at the start line or in the dirt section, the Senior Officials will tell you what flag to wave and when. A pretty chill day out to collect some $$ paid to you and free lunch with the best seat to watch the on-track battles! 

To be a flaggie:

1. Be 16yrs or over

Race Secretary


Responsible for administrative aspects leading up to, during and post-event. Including permits, ensuring riders sign on and get a transponder, then submitting paperwork to MWA after the event. Competitors can direct inquiries regarding entries and fees, grid positions, as well as materials and equipment to the Race Secretary.

To become a Race Secretary: 

1. Complete Level 1 Operational Official course (100% online) here.

2. Complete an MA accredited Race Secretary training seminar.

3. Participate as a trainee as you acquire the necessary practical experience before being assessed for competency. Once assessed, you have achieved Level 2 and can help with Supermoto events at Club Championship events. 

For more information, please see point 4 under MA's Official Accreditation Information document here 



The Timing Officer is present at Race Events only. You would be responsible for registering transponders and running the timing system for qualifying and racing and printing out of grid positions for all racing classes. You will sit up in the air-conditioned race office with a perfect view of the track with the other Senior Officials.  

To become a Timing Officer:

1. Walk up to the tower at a race meeting and see what Sam West does. He's been our resident timing lad for many years. Probably a good idea to complete the Level 1 Operational Official course (100% online) here anyway. 

2. Work alongside the Timing Officer until your feel ready to take it on yourself! 

First Aider


Only required at Track Nights to sign onto MA paperwork as the First Aid Officer of the night as required by our permits. 

To fill the 1st Aider role you will need:

1. Current Basic First Aid certificate  - for example HLTAID011 Provide First Aid by St John's + up to date CPR refresher (HLTAID009). Other providers are accepted.



The Steward, as Motorcycling Australia’s representative, holds the ultimate authority over a race meeting. With the power to enforce penalties and oversee rule adjudications, the Steward plays a crucial role in ensuring the fair and safe operation of the event. Typically, however, competitors do not interact directly with the Steward, as the day-to-day organisation and management of the meeting is the responsibility of the Clerk of the Course.

To become a Steward: 

1. Have a current Level 2 Clerk of Course accreditation

2. Complete an MA accredited Steward/Referee training seminar 

3. Show record of assisting as a Trainee Steward for at least one race meeting, then pass a competency assessment. Congratulations you would achieve Level 2 Steward and can help at our Club level events! What a Legend. 

For more information, please see point 6. Steward under MA's Official Accreditation Information document here 



Ensure the safety and eligibility of all race machines and riding gear before qualifying, and re-inspect any machines after an incident to make sure they are in safe working order. They are responsible for thorough inspections and measurements, and their diligent work helps to ensure that all competitors are competing on a level playing field.

To become a Scrutineer: 

1. Complete Level 1 Operational Official course (100% online) here.  

2. Complete an MA accredited Scrutineer training seminar. This allows you to be a trainee. 

3. Work alongside an experienced Scrutineer to be signed off as competent; once complete, you've achieved Level 2 and can help at our Club Championship events.

For more details, see point 3. Scruitineer accreditation in the MA documentation here.