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Flag Marshalls

Become a Flag Marshall at Supermoto WA race rounds for one of the best seats in the house!

Flag Marshal’s will be required to look after a small section of the track. It will be your job to keep an eye out for crashes in your section and then wave a yellow or red flag (if advised by Clerk of Course) depending on the severity of the crash.

As a flag marshal you will receive:

- A full run down of your duties
- Bottled water all day
- Lunch and drink provided at lunch time break.
- Sunscreen
- $50 payment a the end of the day

You will also be supplied with:

A Information booklet with a map highlighting your sections of the track.
A two way radio so you can communicate with the Clerk of Course.

If you're interested in volunteering as a Flag Marshall at one of our race rounds, 

SupermotoWA are always looking for volunteers to act as race-day officials in the following positions:


Clerk of Course

Race Secretary


Sound Control

Details of courses can be found on the Motorcycling WA website. Officials are rewarded with up to $150 per race meeting.


Contact us if you are interested in learning more.


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